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Mandy M
Massage Great massage as usual!
Leslie B
Rocky is a magician Rocky has the best touch for gently releasing some really nasty stuff. I drive an hour and a half to see him. He's worth every bit of it!
Amazing Review of Rocky Seriously the best massage therapist I've been to anywhere. His presence alone puts you at ease. Even friends and family who were nervous about getting a massage are completely comfortable as soon as they meet him. You leave just blissed out.
Carola S
Do not understand the question. Review of Rocky Likewise
Diana J
Amazing As long as I have been coming, I still am amazed at how good I feel when I leave. And how quickly my cuts heal. Thanks for Everything
Thankful client Constance's therapeutic touch, listening skills & knowledge was what I have been looking for in a massage therapist. I highly recommend her & will be a returning client.
Best Review of Rocky Consistent extraordinary excellence
Martha R
Massage My wrist feels so much better and has more range of motion! I don't need to wear the wrist brace during the day anymore! Thank you!
Diana J
Amazing I am always amazed at how good I feel after you have smoothed out the garbage I pick up in my muscles all week.
Experienced and Professional Review of Rocky Rocky is one of the most knowledgeable therapists I've seen and his technique is on point. Pain free for the first time in a long time. Thank you!
Martha R
Massage I feel wonderful after my massage! All the muscles are relaxed and moving with ease. Thank you for helping me not be in pain!
Karen M
Review Katherine is so sweet and gentle but at the same time firm with her hands as she massages. She used some cupping on the knots in my legs and that felt good. I always feel that I have had a great massage of my poor uptight muscles when my session is over. Thank you Katharine
Martha R
Massage I'm moving much more fluidly through the back and knees are better too!
Michael S
Oh yeah Katherine has done it again. I was skeptical of massage as a treatment or therapy, but it has definitely helped. She has learned how to use massage and pressure to alleviate the tightness in my muscles and relieve some of the swelling from my arthritis. I have recommended her to friends as well. Even when Katherine is booked, Connie has done equally as good at relieving my over worked body. Thank you to Therapeutic Arts.
Awesomeness Thanks for working out kinks and pain. Can't wait for next session!
Mandy M
Monthly massage Great massage as usual!
Heather C
Worth Every Penny I have been to many massage therapists and Katharine is hands down the best. She is able to work on all areas with little to no discomfort while still doing the necessary work. Amazing talent and knowledge.
Katie S
90 minute massage Review of John I have been seeing John for awhile for headache, neck and low back/hip/pelvic pain. He does an amazing job working on the areas that need work and I always walk out feeling like a new and different woman. He uses new and different techniques that really do the job on tight muscles. I will be going back to John every few weeks!
Katie S
90 minute massage Review of John I have been seeing John for awhile for headache, neck and low back/hip/pelvic pain. He does an amazing job working on the areas that need work and I always walk out feeling like a new and different woman. He uses new and different techniques that really do the job on tight muscles. I will be going back to John every few weeks!
Massage My back feels so much better! Greater range of motion and better sleep. Thank you!
Deep tissue massage Excellent massage on back, hip and thigh area. Much relief from knotted muscles and pain! Thank you!
Professional, knowledgeable and effective Katherine is simply great. She takes the time to analyze your pain and is great with her technique.
Janet R
Great Massage Therapist I have used Katherine for years. She is an excellent massage therapist!
Martha C
Massage I always feel 100% better when I leave. Katherine is very knowledgeable and provides tips to help maintain comfort between sessions.
Carola S
same title Review of Rocky same body
what title Review of Rocky what body
5 stars 5 Stars
Samantha K
Awesome! Review of Rocky I can't say enough great things about my experience with Rocky and Therapeutic Arts. I came in limping and hurting and walked out feeling like a new person. Rocky has a wonderful flow and always knows where to focus his energy. His skill is extremely versatile and I've sent many friends his way. Thank you!
john dudley
5stars rating Review of Katherine Katherine is very professional and I and my wife were both helped after our car accident . helping with tensed muscles in our body. she does a professional job and very good at her job. thanks for helping me and my wife in time of our pain. I will be back if I need help again . thanks
Greg B
Nice balance Constance was very responsive when I first found her on Thumbtack, and made me feel comfortable when I arrived. She seems to have a good feel for the muscles and has a very balanced touch, a mix of digging into the trouble areas, while stretching and gentle touch for others. Overall a wonderfully relaxing experience.
Mandy M
Last Massage Such a great massage! Worked out a huge knot and I feel so much better!
David G
First time client. Review Absolutely enjoyed every minute of my first introductory session. Very satisfied and look forward to many more sessions. Thank you so much for excellent and very professional service.
Steve Lynn
The Best I have seen Katherine for a few years now and she is the best. Katherine is in touch with your body and gives a personalized massage each and every time. She is a must see and you will be a regular after the first visit! Book with confidence!
Hugh S
Outstanding Very knowledgeable and professional, Katherine is really good at what she does. I would highly recommend her.
wonderful days Review of Katherine Magical fingers is what you should be called. I always walk out feeling 100% better than when I walked in!
Linda S
90 min massage Absolutely wonderful and did wonders for my sore neck & shoulders. Will definitely go back!
Laverne S
Ease your discomfort!! Had surgery? Need pain relief for sore stiff joints! You must visit this therapist. I have been able to get back to work and full activities as a result.
Laverne S
Ease your discomfort!! Have a tear in a tenden,go and see Katherine she knows just how to ease the discomfort and promote your road to recovery!!
Ease your discomfort This lady k ows how to rid the took a gentle touch to ease mypain.thank you
Laverne S
Ease your discomfort Relief is just a Catherine away. she's taking care of my back my legs and my shoulders all in the same day to where I can actually walk and drive my car. I try to see her weekly until I can get my joints all back in shape.
crystal b
Excellent Start Katherine's techniques on my very sore head, face, back and shoulders brought me some relief instantly and even more the next day. I look forward to seeing her on a weekly basis so that we can continue to address my issues and establish some lasting relief!
Brendan S
Shoulder pain I went to see Katherine for a severe pain in my shoulder about a 7/10 at the end of the treatment it was down to about a 3/10
Thank you! I have seen 3 different people trying to get rid of this hip pain that has been lingering for 2 months and it's finally disappearing! Thanks Katherine!
Laverne S
pain relief This is one smart lady when it comes to relieving pain and giving advice to keep it away Thank you
David R
massage hadn't realized how locked my hips had been- Thursday I could tell, there was a noticeable improvement. thank you!
julia w
Came highly recommended So far, so good!
Reid Spencer
Consistently Helpful! Whether I have specific muscle issues from working out, knots from improper posture, or it feels like there's nothing apparently wrong, I've been impressed by Katherine's ability to tailor her service to meet the most important needs. We've been going weekly for over a year now and intend to keep going back as her services have helped us maintain good function in our bodies despite being overly busy A-type individuals. I couldn't recommend Katherine more highly.
Complete body rejuvenation I have been blessed with tired muscles and aching bones from work and training. Finding this fountain of youth treatment has left me with a renewed vigor to accomplish new professional and personal endeavors. Great stress relief in a relaxed environment. Can't wait to go back.
Andrea M
Excellent! It has been over 5 years since I've had a massage, and I thoroughly enjoyed the 60 minute massage I had from Katherine yesterday. As a former Certified Massage Therapist, I was impressed with Katherine's knowledge and kind demeanor. I will definitely be back!
Rina C
Miracle worker Katherine is an amazing massage therapist. She quickly evaluates your needs and addresses them effectively with just the right amount of pressure. This week I will be lucky enough to see her twice! Every time I get a massage from her I am 100 % satisfied. I highly recommend Katherine Thekan as aassage therapist.
Rina C
Miracle worker Katherine is an amazing massage therapist. She quickly evaluates your needs and addresses them effectively with just the right amount of pressure. This week I will be lucky enough to see her twice! Every time I get a massage from her I am 100 % satisfied. I highly recommend Katherine Thekan as aassage therapist.
Nikki K
Finally, a massage therapist who listens! Katherine has an attention to detail & followed through with her goal of making this a great experience. She is good at her job, good at making a connection & creating the desire for clients to return. Go see her & feel better!
After holidays massage My massage was GREAT as usual, Katherine always takes her time to know yiu nbyour needs .......she's the best
After holidays massage My massage was GREAT as usual, Katherine always takes her time to know yiu nbyour needs .......she's the best
Larrie J. A
Dec. 23 Appt. Excellent Message, as always. Whenever I'm in Va. Beach, I will schedule an appointment, It is time well spent for sure. I wish you and your family All the Best in the coming New Year, Bless You.
Rosemary C
Knowledgeable & helpful I appreciate your knowledge of injuries and how they effect specific areas of the body. Also, your helpful advice as to how I can take action to minimize any permanent injury resulting from my whiplash. Not only do I leave feeling relaxed, but also fed intellectually. Thank you!
Page J
massage Katherine is great! She really takes her time to get to know you and exactly what you need. I have only had positive results!
Laurie R
Great massage Katherine applies gentle yet deep pressure to undo knots. I recommend her highly!
Rina C
Amazing experience Katherine is a very professional and knowledgeable massage therapist with the ability to pinpoint your issues and resolve them. I have been going to Katherine now for 2 years and would not have it any other way. Thank you for your amazing deep tissue Massages!
Great experiene Katherine did a great job with my injured shoulder. I would definitely recommend her to others and will be back!
Larrie J. A
10/24 Appt. Thank You Katherine for being such a "God Send" to me while I was here from NC. As I told you at my last Appt. I'll be back to see you when we are here to spend Xmas with our son in late Dec.
Larrie J. A
\ I first went to Katherine to relieve Pain and stiffness from a long, 450 mi. car drive. She did an excellent job. I have since discovered since that drive, I inadvertently suffered a groin pull and after the second visit with her, I can report 100% improvement. I hope I can find someone as good as her in NC when I get home!
Rosemary C
Feedback Katherine personalizes your treatment by asking if there are specific areas hurting or that you want worked on, then she first addresses those areas. She is very knowledgeable and able to answer many questions about muscles and the body. Her technique is a combination of proper pressure and functional touch. I left feeling very relaxed. It ended all too quickly!
Rina C
Amazing experience I have had many deep tissue massages with Katherine. She truly has gifted hands. She is extremely knowledgeable and has a very comforting voice and way about her. A massage with her is a real treat! Thank you Katherine! You know I'll be back :-)
richard a
One hour deep tissue massage Extremely satisfied with the entire experience...good environment excellent practitioner would recommend Katherine to everyone
Geoff C
Great massage First time with Katheryn since Bess left. Very pleased, thorough and complete massage of the areas I was sore, my shoulders and neck. My muscles are a little sore today but my range of motion so much better. I need to come more regularly.
Rosemary C
1st appointment with Katherine Entire body but concentration on shoulders and neck
Candace M
Excellent massage Katherine is very professional and an excellent massage therapist. She helped alleviate the soreness my sore back from a fall and neuropathy pain in my legs and hands. If you make an appointment with her you will not be sorry, she is excellent!
Jason T
Best Massage Ever Katherine is the best massage therapist I have ever visited. She is a healer in the truest sense of the word. Deep tissue magic!!
Vern S
RELIEF of DISCOMFORT This might sound corney, but if you have pain and discomfortvisit Katherine.Her knowledge of the human anatomy,skills to find the cause of discomfort is "relief".Katherine is a down to earth technician who has identified the causes of my discomfort, come up with a plan of treatment and has reliefed discomfort. I have been a client for over two months.
Rina C
Amazing massage Katherine has magical hands. She gave me a 1 hour deep tissue massage and concentrated in my neck, shoulders, and upper back. she used many useful techniques which relieved a lot of my severe and painful muscle spasms. I felt so much better and slept like a baby for the rest of the week. Her prices are quite affordable too. I wish I could see her weekly, but I live in Maryland. I am so happy I found her. She will be my treat every time I visit Virginia Beach.
Laverne S
thorough Knows the muscle groups and how they work together.great relieving my pain and relaxing the muscles
Gilda G
Wonderful I was VERY satisfied with my massage. I have had massages all over the world and can say you are fantastic.
Tamicka F
awesome My massage was awesome as usual Katherine is the best, I left e relaxed. ...
Jim L
Excellent Katherine did an excellent job. As before on of the best massages I have had. Seems to do trick for the issues I have had.
Gerard Moore
A life saver! I have been trying for years to find someone that would listen to me and work with me at fixing the problem. Very professional!! Thank you again.
Rick H
Weekly Massage I have been doing weekly massages for repetitive strain injuries in both arms. Katherine is very professional and knowledgeable. I have maybe had 6 massages now. I would say I am 90% better and am confident I will be totally back to normal very soon.
Wonder Worker I love being able to breath better and to be able to cut down on my sinus medication. I have suffered from sinus problems since I was very young and up until getting messages, I took sinus medication every day, actually every four hours. Now I only have to take medication for my sinus problems once in a blue moon. Thanks for being a wonder worker- it is like a miracle!
a nice time Katherine is a great therapist but I felt like I had to ask too many times for the right presure I wanted. So the next day I didnt feel as unwound as I was hoping. I know my body and I know where and how I need it massaged, so I was specific. If you're looking for a relaxing soft touch, then she is perfect for you.
Jim L
Very Happy Katherine fit me when I was able to make it which was outside her normal hours, which I greatly appreciate. She listened to my concerns and issues and had a plan for those. And the massage was great. So I think she did a very good job.
Cheryl B
The best massage!!! My experience with Katherine was the best! Her technique is smooth, soothing and effective. Just what I was looking for!
Amazing! Thank You, Katherine, for an amazing massage. Your exquisite skills help keep my migraines & back pain in check. Much appreciated. I'm sure to return soon.
Meghan S
Best Massage!!!! The massage Katherine gave me was wonderful! I felt relaxed and enjoyed every minute of it. I will definitely be returning :)
Crystal S
Very Professional, and Really Knows Her Stuff Katherine has been my go-to massage therapist gal for going on 2 years now. She has always focused on my body's needs, and relieved tension and stress. I'd highly recommend her to anyone if they're looking for a regular therapist. I had some special needs also, which she was able to accommodate, and always flexible when necessary. She's just great!
Great Professional Massage Calmed me down and had a wonderful night's sleep. Katherine is amazing at really seeing what is needed and concentrating on areas of concern. Thanks you!